Medical Products OEM


With the implementation of the revised designation of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law, a manufacturing and marketing approval system was introduced, making it possible to obtain manufacturing and marketing approval for pharmaceutical products even without having your own manufacturing facility. We will utilize our experience and work in partnership with you as your manufacturing facility to perform contract manufacturing.

Over-the-counter drug

Based on our experience and up-to-date knowledge, we manufacture pharmaceutical products in various forms, including round and granular dosage forms.
We also own a number of approvals and perform regular maintenance under strict quality control.


In recent years, the demand for quasi-drugs has been increasing rapidly. The ability to promote their effectiveness and efficacy is what sets them apart from health food products. Quasi-drugs are often seen in convenience stores these days.


We will assist with sales of acne care lotions, hair growth lotions, and other products.

Private Brand Products

We offer private brands in packages that match the characteristics of your company to differentiate your products from those of other companies.

Drugs for export

We manufacture and export mainly gold-grain round pills coated with gold leaf from Kanazawa, as well as round pills and other products for Asia. Our unwavering “Japan quality” is greatly appreciated by overseas customers, and despite their high price, they are highly valued as souvenirs. We also export lozenges and capsules.

Contract Manufacturing

As another factory of yours
Integrated production system for development, manufacturing, and quality control

Our company is certified as a GMP factory. We can also make use of this experience to assist in the development of new products, assist in new product planning, and propose package designs in a flexible manner. Our integrated manufacturing system of development, manufacturing, and quality control provides you with high quality products at low cost.


Work flow

1.Request for consideration of a contract from a client
2.Disclosure of product overview and production volume from client
3.Execution of Non-Diclosure Areement
4.Disclosure of technical data from client
5.Issue the client with a cost estimate
6.Execution of outsourcing agreement
8.Start of OEM manufacturing
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